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EMGS Online Photo Checker

  • The EMGS online photo checker provides a convenient way for you to check a passport photo without having to start an application. It also allows professional photo takers to check whether the photo they have taken is suitable for student visa applications before providing it to an applicant in electronic format.
  • Use this tool to check whether a passport photo fulfills the requirements of Student Visa Application through EMGS.
  • When you upload a photo into the online photo checker, you will be advised if the photo is suitable for Student Visa Applications. If the photo is not suitable you will be advised the reason(s) why.
  • Once submitted, the photo will still be subject to manual assessment by EMGS and the Immigration department as part of the VAL application.
  • The photo checker only needs to be used once per photo. You do not need to re-upload the checked photo for additional verification.
  • Please click the below link to understand the Passport Photo Guidelines.
    Passport Photo Guidelines

Professional Photographer

  • We recommend that you use a professional photographer service to take the photo. They can provide you with a passport photo in the correct format.

Photo Specification

  • Allowed file extensions to upload: jpg.
  • Maximum photo width: 217 px.
  • Maximum photo height: 280 px.
  • Maximum file size: 66 KB.
  • White Background.

Check our complete details of the photo requirements

Upload and Verify Photo

Please tick this checkbox if the background color of your photo is NOT WHITE. Our tool will change the color for you.


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